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The next 10k for Men is planned for June 15th 2014 (with some exciting events on the 14th too!)

We are really excited to announce our plans for the 2014 Men’s 10k and surrounding events!

Please see the event programme below for more information about everything that’s happening that weekend!

The Men’s 10k is a fun and proactive way to engage men in Scotland in healthy physical activity and to promote health and well being all year round.

It’s now a major event on both the running and health event calendars, attracting 4,000 men and growing each year! 10K for men

Consistently, each year, around 40% of the men taking part have NEVER entered a running event before and we intentionally promote the event to men who are new to physical activity or have been inactive for a while.


View some more photos of the 2012 event here

The life expectancy of a man in Scotland is, shockingly, still the lowest in Europe and 3 years less than in England and Wales.  Suicide, in addition to other mental health problems, continues to be an issue of high significance to men in Scotland.  Suicide is the biggest killer of young people (18-34) in Scotland and almost three out of four suicides are by men.

Our aim is to help change this, little by little – and the Men’s 10k is how we are doing it!  It has already had a huge impact on many men’s lives.  Some of them sign up to the event as an incentive to help get fit or to quit smoking or to lose weight.  And as a result of taking part in the 10k have become new men!

Here are a few quotes from the guys:

“The event is an incentive to get off my bum and lose weight. I have told everyone I know I am doing this 10k and I am raising money for charity to do it so if I fail, I am failing everyone I know.”

“Running with men for men was quite a profound experience.”

“Fantastic atmosphere, great support from onlookers and good for your health – what else do you need?”

“Every man should experience this event at least once in their life. It’s an incredible achievement and so much fun.”

“I got fed up with making excuses and a month before my 50th birthday I started running again. It’s hard work but I’m setting goals and the 10k is one of them.”

 “I’m taking part as trying to lose weight and need something to focus on rather than a kebab.”

Not only does the 10k for Men benefit those who take part, it allows men to raise money for good causes too.  Men raising money for MHFS have enabled us to start work on production of a book for boys aimed at helping them understand the benefits of taking care of themselves from an early age.

Fundraise for MHFS for 2014



The Men’s 10k team is applying for grants and looking at every available sponsorship opportunity to ensure we can continue into 2014 now. Please do consider raising funds for us at the Men’s 10k or at other running events or you can still donate, just click the image above.

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