Entry Queries

When do entries open?

Entries for both the Glasgow and Edinburgh 2017 events are open now.

What are the different entry categories and prices?

Entry categories and prices are shown on each individual event page.

What qualifies entrants for a concession entry?

Concession entries cover entrants who are receiving benefit payments including DLA, Pension and Job Seekers allowance.

Will there be transport from the finish of the race back to the start?

YES for the Glasgow event, NO for the Edinburgh event. You can find transport information for each event on the individual event pages.

Are there baggage facilities available?

Facilities will be provided within the Start areas for the safe storage of your personal belongings. You can drop a bag at the Start and collect it at the Finish.

My running club isn’t listed? What should I do?

If you can’t find your running club listed in the drop down menu, please contact us using the form below and we can add it to the list for you. To update your running club at any time, all you need to do is alter your information in the ’My Info’ section of your ’My Details’ account.

When will I receive my running number?

All standard entrants will receive their running number in the post no later than the Friday before event day. If you do not receive it for any reason you can pick up a spare at the Help Desk within the Start Area on event day. If you are a late entrant then you will not receive your number in the post and will need to collect your number from the Help Desk on event day.

Your number should be prominently worn to identify you as an authorised and insured participant. Please do not obstruct the running number in any way with coats/jackets/bags as this could prevent the chip from registering a time.

How can I tell if my entry is approved?

To check your entry status log on to your My Details account.

I haven’t received my confirmation email, what should I do?

Firstly, please check your spam. If you still can’t find it then please contact us using the contact form below. If you do find an email from us in your spam, please mark it as ’not spam’ or as a ’favourite’ to ensure that our communications get through to you.

I’m a late entrant. I did not receive my confirmation email?

The confirmation email is sent automatically after you pay for your entry. Remember to check your junk/spam folder for the email. If for some reason it is not there, just log into your My Details account, press the ’My Orders’ tab at the top of the page, and print this page showing the payment for your entry.

I want to enter more than one person into a Men’s 10K event, is this possible?

It is possible, however you need to create a separate My Details account for each runner and use a separate password for each entrant.

Can I defer my place until next year?

NO. Entries cannot be deferred towards future events.

Can I transfer my place to another runner wanting to do the same event?

NO. We don’t allow runners to transfer their numbers due to health & safety reasons.

Is there a minimum/maximum age?

Yes. Anyone aged 15 upwards can take part in the 10K so long as the individual is healthy enough to do so. There is no maximum age limit.

Which finishers T-shirt size should I choose?

Our T-shirt sizes are: S – 36″, M – 40″, L – 44″, XL – 48″. Please note that we pre-order t-shirts based on the size that you chose when you entered and is printed on your race number – please ensure that this is the size that you collect when passing through the finish funnels.

Can I enter if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition that could cause you difficulties during or after the event, please first get clearance from your doctor to participate in the event. For your safety, it is advised that you do not participate in the event if you have had any sickness or symptoms in the past week.

Can I update my details?

You can update your address, password and email by logging in to your My Details account.

Can I withdraw my entry and be refunded my entry fee?

You are entitled to a refund if you notify us within 14 days of completing your entry. Thereafter there is no refund. Please see the Terms & Conditions for further details. Entries are not transferrable to another runner.

When will I receive my results?

A full list of provisional results will be published online on the results page of the website within 48 hours of the events. Results will become finalised after one week at which point full and final results will be made available to relevant parties for the purposes of verification for other events or for the updating of ranking systems.

When will I receive my merchandise?

If you have ordered any merchandise you will receive this within three weeks of your order. Overseas orders may take longer.

I am not satisfied with my merchandise, how do I return it?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your merchandise you may return it within 15 days for exchange or refund providing the goods are unused. Please see our Merchandise Returns Policy for further details.

Does my entry fee include a T-shirt?

Yes! You will receive a Men’s 10K quality wicking t-shirt once you’ve finished the 10K to wear with pride.

I’m female, can I take part?!

If you want to, go for it! The more the merrier.

Event Queries

What time do the runs commence?

Sunday 18th June 2017, Glasgow starts at 10am. Sunday 5th November 2017, Edinburgh starts at 10am. Please make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the run to take part in the warm up.

What if I require first aid on the day?

First aid will be stationed at the venue and will provide first aid if required.

My running number does not match the number on my timing chip, is this a problem?

NO. These numbers are not meant to match up so do not worry!

What do I do if I have not received my running number by race day?

Don’t worry, in the unlikely event that you have not received your running number before race day, you can collect a spare number from the Help Desk on the morning of the event.

Can I enter on the day?


Can you give me some information about travel options on race day?

Transport options are available on the individual event pages.

How do I find out more about the individual courses?

For detailed course info please visit the individual event page for either Glasgow or Edinburgh. You will be able to view routes and information relating to directions, parking and more.

Can I walk the course?

Yes. You are welcome to complete the course at your own pace, however, there is a maximum time limit of 1 hour 45 minutes associated with each event, this is very inclusive as even completing the route at a relatively slow walking pace will see you finish within 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you plan to walk the whole distance we request that you allow runners to start in front of you.

Will there be pacers during the run?

Yes. There will be a team of four friendly pacers on the course. They will be running at 45 minute, 50 minute, 55 minutes and 1 hour finish time pace – so if your individual goal is to complete the course in one of these times, they can help you do this! There is an overall course limit of 1 hour 45 minutes so you can take it at your very own pace too.

How can I guarantee that I will be in the same start pen as my friend that I want to run with?

Unfortunately you can’t guarantee it and we can’t move you into the same start pen HOWEVER if you select a specific time as your predicted finish time, for example 49 minutes 44 seconds, there is a higher chance of being in the same pen than if you select a more commonly selected finish time like 50 minutes.

Can my dog take part?


Can I take part in fancy dress?

Yes of course!

Is there a tracking app available to follow runners?

NO. There is no tracking app available.

What do finishers receive after the run?

Each runner will receive accurate chip timing, a quality wicking t-shirt, 10K training plan, great medal, event goody bag, results posted on the website within 48 hrs and sent to you via text immediately after the event, as well as a fantastic running experience!

Do I need to buy a bus ticket for my child?

Children under the age of five can travel for free provided they can sit on a parent’s knee and will not need their own seat on the bus.

Can I purchase a bus ticket on the day?

Yes. On the day tickets will be available but can only be paid for in cash.

Can I take my dog on the event shuttle buses?

No, only registered guide dogs will be permitted on the event buses.

How and when do I receive my bus ticket(s)?

Your bus tickets are available to download from you My Details account, 2 weeks before race weekend. Bus tickets WILL NOT be posted out to you.

Charity Runner Queries

What is meant by Charity Entry and Own Entry?

a. Charity Entry
An entry in the event that is paid for by an Affiliate Charity. If you secure a charity entry, your charity will expect you to agree to raise a minimum amount in sponsorship money, and may ask you to pay a registration fee towards the cost of your entry.

b. Own Entry
Any type of entry (e.g. standard/late) which you pay for yourself. Runners who have purchased their Own Entry are welcome, but not obliged, to fundraise for any charity of their choice.

If you do wish to fundraise for an Affiliate Charity, you can let them know via the ‘tell a charity I have my own entry’ link in your My Details account. If the charity is not an Affiliate Charity, you are welcome to run for them, however you would need to contact them directly yourself.

If I cannot see the Charity I wish to fundraise for on your website, can I still run and raise funds for them?

If the charity is not listed on our website you are welcome to run for them, however you would need to purchase a Standard Entry into the race and contact the Charity directly to let them know you are raising funds for them.

How do I get a Charity Entry?

Apply for a Charity Entry with one of our Affiliate Charities linked to your chosen location and the charity then has 21 days, or until Charity Entries close (whichever comes first), to either approve or decline your application before it expires. You will be informed via email of the outcome of your application. If you change your mind while awaiting approval, please log into your My Details account and select the option to cancel your application.

Can my charity complete my entry on my behalf?


You must enter online at www.mens10k.com yourself. This is because you must agree to the event terms and conditions and disclaimer, which only you can do. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have an approved entry in your chosen event.

If I secure a Charity Entry with an Affiliate Charity, do I have to fundraise for that charity?


Your chosen Affiliate Charity has paid for your Charity Entry and will require a minimum amount in sponsorship money to ensure that their involvement in the event results in funds being raised for the charity. Please think very carefully before securing a Charity Entry as any change of heart on your part, whether that be regarding your choice of charity, your ability to raise the minimum sponsorship required, or taking part in the event at all, can have a very negative impact on the charity.

If I secure a Charity Entry, how much sponsorship money will my Charity expect me to raise?

This will depend on the charity you choose. If you are thinking of applying for a Charity Entry with one of our Affiliate Charities, and wish to know what is expected of you before submitting your application, please contact the charity directly to discuss this with them. Contact details are provided on your chosen Affiliate Charity’s page here.

I know my chosen charity requires me to pay them a registration fee towards the cost of my Charity Entry. Who should I contact to find out how to pay this?

Please contact your chosen charity directly.

I have an approved Charity Entry but wish to withdraw from the event. What should I do?

Please contact your Charity as soon as possible to discuss this with them directly as they will need to withdraw your entry on your behalf. Please note that you cannot defer your entry to the following year; you would simply need to begin the entry process from scratch when entries for the next year open. Your charity will incur a fee for the withdrawal of your Charity Entry so please do think carefully before entering the event.

Can I transfer my Charity Entry from one location to another?


This would be treated as two entirely separate entries. For example, If you have an approved Charity Entry in the Glasgow event and wish to change to the Edinburgh event, you would need to ask your charity to withdraw your entry in the Glasgow event and you would then need to enter the Edinburgh event from scratch, providing entries are still open.

Your charity will incur a fee for the withdrawal of your original entry, and is not obliged to guarantee your new entry, so please do think carefully before initially choosing your location and discuss any proposed changes with your charity as soon as possible.

Can I transfer my Charity Entry to another runner?


This would be treated as two entirely separate entries. The withdrawal of your Charity Entry and the other runner’s entry are not at all related. You would need to ask your charity to withdraw your entry and the other runner would need to begin the entry process from scratch, providing entries are still open. If entries are closed, it will not be possible for the second runner to participate. Your charity will incur a fee for the withdrawal of your Charity Entry, so please do think carefully before entering.

I’m worried that I won’t manage to raise the minimum sponsorship required by my chosen charity. What should I do?

Please contact your Charity as soon as possible to discuss this with them directly to give them the opportunity to support you in your fundraising efforts.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a JustGiving page?

Please contact JustGiving directly.
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