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David Lockhart Blog – Week 7 – ‘The boy done wrong again’

It’s been another up and down week for me.  I was starting to feel strong again and had been getting back out and up to speed.  Then came the weekend and inflicting a different injury on myself due to being a clumsy numpty and that stopped me running again for a few days.  It’s been a frustrating time.

It would be easy to get downbeat about it.  I’m not going to lie; it’s starting to get to me a wee bit as I’m starting to fret a bit about being prepared enough for running the West Highland Way next weekend.  However, I think that at this point I need to focus less on the negative aspects of what my current situation is and think of the song and ‘accentuate the positive.’

The last few months haven’t exactly been lying on the couch watching TV all the time, so the reality is I’m probably being quite hard on myself as I’m feeling a bit guilty about not being out running.  My injury at the weekend was minor, daft and self inflicted, but it stopped me running for a few days and the self inflicted aspect of it has probably made me tougher on myself than usual.  However, I need to stop doing that and focus on what I’ve achieved and what I’m able to do.

Here’s the reality; I’ve done a lot of training since Christmas and missing some sessions because of injury is something that I need to accept.  Chances are that no training regime is going to be fool proof.  Keeping to a training plan is great.  If you manage every session on your training plan for an event, then there is pretty much no way that you could be any better prepared.  It isn’t, however, a feat which I’ve managed in training for any event to date!

I’ve only had a loose training plan this year on my build up to next weekend’s West Highland Way run (gulp) and mid-April’s Lochaber Marathon (double gulp).  I don’t think that only having a loose plan is the best way to go about things, and in all honesty I think that it has probably affected my preparation this time round.

Usually I go into events having followed a reasonably well regimented plan where I know what I’m supposed to be doing each day of the week, be that a long run, a tempo run, hill sprints, intervals or even my days of rest.  I’d recommend it, there are plenty of plans out there, in books, magazines or on the internet, all of which will help you get your desired time or reach your desired distance, and to date they’ve worked for me.

Maybe that’s why I’ve got a bit off track this time round.  It’s not that I’ve not done a fair whack of training, and it’s not that when I’ve been on training plans previously that I haven’t had to re-jig things.  The point is, if you have a plan, you can re-jig it, if you don’t, you can panic and feel guilty – and I have.

So, if you been a clumsy numpty or had a gazillion things on and literally had no time, stop being so hard on yourself and think how much you’ll enjoy getting back to it, rather than dreading what you’ve missed.  Accept that things won’t always go perfectly, and realise that there is still plenty of time.  If you’ve already started your training for the 10k then you’re on the right track.  Have a wee look around for a 10k training plan, see if it suits you, and go for it, and if you need to re-jig, do it, accept it and don’t feel guilty.

Accept any issues you have while training and push past them, you’ll feel better for it and it’ll let you get back on track.  My daft injury is getting better, I’ve managed to get out for a run, and I’ve accepted I’m a numpty.  Time to plan out my training for next week…

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