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Hopefully this page will provide you with all the info you need, or at least a link to it!
Please find below some quick links (and some irrelevant song links for amusement purposes)
Where: Where is the event, where is the Route Map, Where is the Race Village information, Where is the Parking and Travel Info/ Restrictions, Where is my mind…?
When: When is it? When to register, When you’ll get your Race Pack, When to turn up, When it’ll be over, When I Grow Up (to Be A Man)…
What: What is the Men’s 10k, What’s New for 2013, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth…?
How: How do I register, How can i prepare myself, How soon is now…?
Who: Who can take part, Who organises it, Who supports it, Who’s invited, Who do you think you are…?
Why: Why men only, Why does it cost, Why Father’s Day, Why do fools fall in love…?

Question not covered? try our FAQs


Where is the event- The event starts and finished at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow and the route runs through Pollok Park. The nearest postcode to the Start/ Finish line is When: When to register, When you’ll get your Race Pack, When to turn up, When it’ll be over

Where is the Route Map? Here!
route map 2013 working.indd




(click map for larger view – opens in new window)


and another one here which included elevation!(click to open in new window)

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 14.17.49

which you can see online here (there might even be a 3D flyover option!

Where is the Race Village

View MHFS 10k for Men in a larger map 


Where is the Parking
Free Parking is available at the Albion Car Park on Broomloan Road (please DO NOT PARK on roads surrounding the parks as Traffic Enforcement will be out and your car is in danger of being lifted – see Parking Restrictions below)

View Route from the Albion Car Park to the Men’s 10k in a larger map

Parking Restrictions – driving and parking restrictions


We are currently planning the next Men’s 10k for Sunday, June 15th 2014!

When to register - registration is now open and you can register up until the week before the event. We will most likely hold a late entry again at the race village, but this is more expensive, so if you know you’re going to do it, get in as early as possible! Sign up to our mailing list here to keep up to date with news!

When you’ll get your Race Pack – if you register online and before the end of May, your Race Pack will be posted out. Later registrations may need to collect their packs

When to turn up – try and turn up around 08:30/ 09:00 – give yourself lots of time to get there, get parking (if relevant), walk to the venue, find the start/ finish, queue for the loos (if relevant) etc. There will be things to look at in the Race Village if you need disctraction!

When it’ll be over – well, that depends – for some guys, they’ll be away home soon after 10:30 – some won’t even be past 3k at that point, so we’ll be there until the last guys cross the line. We’d love everyone to stay around, support those guys who take a bit longer and have a picnic and enjoy the day!


What is the Men’s 10k – it’s an annual men-only 10k to raise awareness about men’s health issues in Scotland and to try and help get Scotland fitter and healthier. You can find out more here

What’s New for 2014 (more here) – we’re planning, as always, an even bigger and better event (albeit on a tighter budget than usual!). As well as this, we’re continuing our 2 training events, a 3.33k and a 6.66k  to help you on your way to the 10k. In addition to this, we’re reintroducing the Men’s Jogging Groups, starting with one in Glasgow


How do I register – sign up to our mailing list (in the sidebar –> )
How can i prepare myself – we have a good few ideas here!


Who can take part – The Men’s 10k is open to all men aged 15 and over (and up to 85 in 2013!), For information on who can take part in the kid’s fun run, click here.

Who organises it – The Men’s 10k is organised by Men’s Health Forum Scotland, a Charity whose main aim is to raise awareness of men’s health issues in Scotland. We are a small team of part-time staff and we rely on a LOT of volunteers to help us get it all together!

Who supports it – we are delighted to have some great sponsors and supporting organisations on board – without whom the event just could not go ahead. For more information on those great guys and ways you or your organisation could benefit from and contribute to the event click here.

Who’s invited – everyone! if you’re not taking part in either of the on-the-day events, we’d still love to see you there, as a volunteer or as a supporter in the Race Village or on the route!


Why men only – firstly, there are a lot of women-only events (especially in Glasgow) so we thought it’d be a good idea to give the guys a go, secondly, we’re a men’s health organisation so it’s kinda our remit, thirdly, some men are uncomfortable returning to exercise after a long time (or, in some cases, just starting for the first time in their life) and we wanted to create an event with as few barriers to them participating as possible.

Why does it cost – oh goodness, we WISH it didn’t! some day, we’ll get funding or bring in enough sponsorship so that we can (at least) drastically reduce the entry fees. It’s our dream to have an event in which EVERY man in Scotland can afford to take part and then we can really start making more of a difference.

Why Father’s Day – Father’s Day is the culmination of National Men’s Health Week – an international event celebrating men’s health – we really wanted the day to be relevant to our men and we have found that Father’s Day works on many levels – some are being a positive example to their children, some run with their Dads (and Grandfathers in some cases), some run in memory of people they’ve lost and some just with friends, family members or work colleagues.

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