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Run For RCCG Edinburgh Tabernacle

Eniola Onafowokan


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It's a season for promoting and supporting good causes that help strengthen community ties.

Here at RCCG Edinburgh Tabernacle Church our Cause is working towards creating an atmosphere filled with Love. An environment where relationships can thrive. A community where everyone has access to benefit from ALL we have to offer, where everyone is deserveing of a space of their own, a place and time in moment to be renewed, re-energised, re-engaged, refreshed, and enjoy doing so.

We are a local Inverleith parish that strives to re-enact the values of shared living from the inside out - from family units through to the wider community.
Currently we have done this through:

• Encouraging and promoting the use of our hall facilities by clubs, groups, individuals etc at a much discounted rate.

• Running weekly Mother and Toddler group sessions.

• Annually hosting a Community Summer Barbeque and Family Fun Day at the Inverleith Park with free admission and refreshments for all.

• Hosting parenting sessions and marriage seminars for families.

• Visiting care homes.

• Feeding the homeless on the streets of Edinburgh City Centre.

• Taking Church to the Community through hosting Music on the Streets sessions.

2019 will make 10 years of us putting a smile on faces. We want to do more, we need to do more; to reach out to our community, the homeless, the needy, the older generation, parents and carers, children and youths, families, all those who need our help out there.

To achieve this, we need more resources and funding. 

Please support our group of runners, Amara, Ero, Eniola, Ibiye, Tayo and Tony to raise £1000 Each in support of this great cause.

Thank you and may our God who owes no man bless and enrich your life as you Give generously in Jesus Name! Amen.


Yours in Christ 

Tunde Ayantuga          Ibiye Iyalla       Committee Chair        Parish Pastor