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Huntington’s disease (HD) is a hereditary, life-shortening, neurological illness.  Symptoms include a deterioration in motor function, uncontrolled jerky movements, and the loss of ability to walk, talk and swallow. In addition to the complex physical changes, HD can cause mental illness, mood swings and personality changes.  As it progresses, people with Huntington’s disease can require 24-hour care, meaning they are no longer able to stay in the family home with loved ones.  To compound this devastating toll on families, each child of an HD parent is at 50% risk of inheriting the faulty gene that leads to HD. In Scotland today, there are 1,100 people with Huntington's disease and a further 6,000 people at risk. 


Scottish Huntington's Association (SHA) is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to supporting people impacted by HD.  SHA was established over 30 years ago by families and has grown into an extensive Scotland-wide network of community support services:

·       Specialist services – providing assessment, coordinating care, symptom management advice and advocacy.

·       Financial wellbeing support - providing income maximisation advice, debt management advice, future planning and support to access financial products.

·       Youth services - 1-2-1 and group support that reduces isolation, helps young carers and improves their mental health and wellbeing.


Thanks to SHA’s amazing supporters, we have been able to reach families, carers and young people all over Scotland. This support gives families the tools they need to cope, and somewhere to turn when they can’t.  Please pick us as your chosen charity so we can continue to reach families across Scotland impacted by HD and ensure they get the support they need to face this devastating disease.