Richard Fenton – Blog 2

Richard Fenton – Ambassador Blog 2

So March is now over and done with and soon we will be able to enjoy some early morning training runs, with the sun beating down on our shoulders as spring bounces back into our lives once again…oh wait no we live in Scotland don’t we, so maybe not so much the sun beating down but we certainly will get much longer days on which to run, and that certainly is something to look forward to.

For me nothing gets me into running mode quicker than a nice day, not too hot and not too cold, in fact I like to call it a Goldilocks run, just right! And I had a day just like that on Saturday just gone (23rd March).

It was bright sunny and fresh; it’s going to stick with me this particular run as it came with very mixed blessings indeed. I got up around 6am not because I am committed runner but because I have a three year old little girl who likes to get up bright and early, which is good as that gives me time to fuel up before I hit the road, and this morning was no exception in fact the whole thing ran like clockwork.

I was up and fuelled and ready to run by 7:30, as I was feeling very much up for it I decided to push myself a little on my pace – training-wise I usually do around 5:35pkm but to get my PB in June I need to be hitting at least 4:50 on the day. I got myself out of the door and bashed out a solid 8k run with a mix of road and some trail in the middle, it felt good once I got into my rhythm which usually happens after around 1.5km and I felt I had worked hard. Once back home I checked my stats on my watch and Strava (please feel free to connect with me on Strava) to see that my average pace was 5:19, my fastest pace so far for 2019 while training, happy days!!

Richard celebrates in George Square after finishing the 2018 Men’s 10K Glasgow
On the back of my minor success I decided that Sunday would be a good day to push it further and do a nice 10k at the same or similar pace, but this is when I learnt that not all obstacles in training come from the road or the trails, by 3pm on Saturday I was out for the count with swollen glands and a very sore throat and barley able to speak, Sunday was a total write off with me struggling to even get out of bed and Monday I was at the doctors getting a prescription for antibiotics for tonsillitis. I’m now starting to feel a bit back to my old self, which is great.

I guess the point of this month’s blog is this, even when it going well be ready to deal with the unexpected, it may mean time out for a few days, but it doesn’t mean game over, my next run will be Friday it will be 8k, my pace won’t matter as long as run all the way.Inspired? Watch, read and enjoy more content from our fantastic crop of 2019 Ambassadors at If you’ve not yet taken the leap, secure your spot on a Men’s 10K start line this year at

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