Richard Fenton – Blog 3

Richard Fenton – Ambassador Blog 3

So April has been a good month of running after my short illness which slowed me down in March, the break in the weather was certainly a welcome treat over Easter and really did test my mettle under warmer circumstances – a good reminder that you need to make sure that you are hydrated when you are out running on warmer days. It doesn’t need to be cracking the pavements, but just a slight increase in temperatures will mean that you have to up your game when it comes to those vital running fluids!

With the longer days of spring and summer comes a greater window of time in which to run. Personally I like to get out nice and early for my training runs, this gives me two major advantages: firstly by going out in the morning I personally feel more energetic and keen to run longer distances, secondly nothings starts the day off better than knowing that before you begin you’ve already completed a good run. It really sets you up for a good day ahead and it defiantly increases my overall energy levels for the day.

April has been a good for progression when it comes to my distance, my last three runs have all been hitting the 10k mark which is great because now know that I can complete the full distance on the big day, my confidence is also growing which means I can concentrate on enjoying the day when it arrives.

May will be a vital month for me as I want to beat my PB, so I have decided to change up a couple of things outside of my running to give me the edge I will need to beat me. May will be a dry month all the way up until race day and I will be watching what I eat too. Nothing major, no diets, just reducing sugars and fatty food and less red meat. I did this last year in the run up to a big race and it made a huge difference to my performance on the day; little changes can deliver big results.

All in all training is now going well and I can’t wait to see everyone again at the start line for this great event, but the real fun comes at the moment when you cross the finish line, no matter what your time or how tired you are at the end nothing beats that feeling of finishing your race, if this is your first race I am a bit jealous as the first time you do this it’s the best feeling in the world.Inspired? Watch, read and enjoy more content from our fantastic crop of 2019 Ambassadors at If you’ve not yet taken the leap, secure your spot on a Men’s 10K start line this year at

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