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Greg Cann – Final Ambassador’s Blog

YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH BAAAABBBBYYYYYYY! Mens 10K, thats what I’m talking about….

I had great plans for the week’s run up. After the exertions of last weekend’s Race to the Tower, 52 miles and thousands of feet elevation, I was planning some rest, a couple of loose runs and lazy day ahead of the Sunday….BUT, crappy times at work, feeling low and lethargic, and then a day of reffing at the Homeless Rugby International meant only ONE run and on my feet most of 48 hours before the run (and a rock gig and a couple of beers – but that was self-inflicted!)

So Saturday evening was spent resting up, eating and packing small bag – couple of gels to choose, chew bloks and drinks…pack the red ‘intraINing’ shirt and some socks – we are good to go. Scotrail did the business Sunday morning and I arrived at Riverside with plenty time to warm up.

Love the Mens 10K as you always meet a similar group of people – first surprise of day; received a text from an old friend I’d first met 20 plus years ago when in America. He had seen my Ambassador blogs and was running as well – could we meet? HELL YEAH – nice start to the day. He had recently run the London Marathon and was, like me, using running as a way of personal fitness as well as raising awareness of a good cause – in this case for MS. Nice work Grant! We met up again after and will do our best to stay in touch more!!

So, into the pen and ready to go…apprehensive and excited, as well as surprisingly emotional. Mentioned in my last blog, this year is the 15th Anniversary of my Dad’s death, and with kids myself, running a Men’s race on Father’s Day, seeing all the children with signs for their Dads, I have to admit I did tear up a couple of times while running…BUT great work to every dad that ran, and their kids that supported!

Fantastic route, with plenty of support – packed the music in after 5k and enjoyed the atmosphere. Even sort of enjoyed the rain around Glasgow Green – helped me take mind off the hidden hills that kept appearing!!!  Felt pretty good for at least 7k – second surprise of day, was overtaken by the legend that is Scott Meenagh. Some of you may know of him, but he was a promising young rugby player who joined the Army, but while serving lost both his legs – he now competes in Paralympic disciplines and is SERIOUSLY fit. Was great to chat (briefly) to him as he almost flew across the bridges and away! Apparently his first Mens 10K…45mins?! How can you not be motivated by someone like Scott – so inspirational!

I finished in my target of sub 50mins…depending on what watch you look at, something around 46/47 mins. Looks like I am at a plateau since that is the same time(s) as the last 3 years, but I am comfortable now with myself, my pace and am NOT constantly comparing myself to times & other runners. Not the fastest (saw someone came in around 33minutes! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!), but the pace is unimportant – today more than ever, it is the belief in completing, the passion to compete and complete, no matter the distance. It is using the time to think and free/clear the mind and focus on what is important to YOU… whatever your reason for running today (and in past/future), WELL DONE. While we share a lot, our motivations are personal, important and should NEVER be withheld…

I continue to be honoured to have been selected as an Ambassador for Mens 10k (Glasgow) – it has been a fantastic opportunity to promote my thoughts and hopefully raise awareness around men’s health, and in particular, mental health.

There are too many people to thank for this, but Michael and the Men’s 10k crew for selecting and supporting; Robert at SAMH for being a sounding board; Running Dads and various twitter accounts for putting up with my tweets and musings; work colleague(s) & friends for encouragement & support (and putting up with my ‘swelfies’); Family for EVERYTHING… <3. Now, time for bacon sandwiches, tea, cake and biscuits…whatever you are up to, with whomever, enjoy it. Thanks to you all… G

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