Stuart’s 10K for His Remarkable Son Archie

Stuart’s 10K for His Remarkable Son Archie

Since the day his son, Archie, was born, his family have spent endless days in the Sick Kids Hospital. Born premature at 25 weeks with a perforation of the bowel, surgery was performed after just 1 day of Archie’s young life. His father, Stuart Gunn, is running the Men’s 10K Edinburgh for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, after seeing the miracles that they have performed on his son.

After a drain was inserted to his bowel in the incubator after just 1 day, surgery was performed. A section of the bowel was removed and a stoma was formed.

Archie was also born with an open heart valve (PDA) which affected the way oxygen was passed around his body. As well as this, it was discovered that he also had chronic lung disease meaning he needed high pressure oxygen for the duration of his time in hospital.

2 weeks of failed antibiotics later, another surgery took place following developing necrotising enterocolitis (NEC). Archie had a further section of his bowel removed and a second stoma site was created.

His next surgery was to have a central line inserted. At this point Archie was being fed by TPN as he was unable to consume food or liquids orally.  Unfortunately the first central line failed due to infection so, again, Archie had surgery to removed this and a new line was fitted.

It was advised that it would be best for Archie if both stoma sites were reconnected to get Archie back feeding. He had spent a significant amount of time on TPN and this was having a negative effect.

Stuart and his wife, Toni, were told it was unlikely Archie would survive post operation for this surgery due to the scale of surgery and the poor condition of Archies lungs.

Archie had the operation and it went to plan, within 3 days Archie was sitting up and extubated and back to high pressure oxygen. From then Archie began to be fed milk orally and was on full feeds within a few weeks with no issues.

He was referred to Glasgow Hospital to have his heart valve, which was still open, observed. To the shock and amazement of the hospital it had closed itself. Within 6-8 weeks Archie no longer required Oxygen and managed to get out of hospital just in time for Christmas!

Once he was home, it became apparent Archie had a hernia in one of the stoma sites. Another trip to the hospital happened just after Christmas and had this corrected.

Since his last visit to the Sick Kids in January, Archie has made a full recovery and has been getting stronger everyday. This is credit to the phenomenal staff at the Sick Kids. Stuart and Toni have made some very special friends at the hospital and Archie is now somewhat of a celebrity due to his amazing progress!

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